Thursday, 16 February 2012


I discovered that the word of the week @ was Popularity.
At the same time I was "flickering" and  found my inspiration!

ps. this flicker set is...well... pretty awesome! so check it out!

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Created a Two colour screen print design that mimics the style of 
Grattan Condon's Illustration found in...

Blue Book magazine
Illustrated by Grattan Condon
October 1944

i chose this illustration to base my design on because...
...I Really like how Condon used, just a splash of white, to build 
visual excitement  to an otherwise bland colour scheme. 

i drew an "emo kid" 

i didn't like the look of my drawing. It lacked the messy street art appeal
of my original inspiration! i threw a piece of marker paper over it 
and grabbed my black pencil crayon... Then i scribbled!!!

NOTE: i use the term "scribbled" loosely!      i don't want to confuse 
the viewer. i want to maintain a clear picture/silhouette that contains enough 
information; i don't want people to think the guy is an airplane... or a bird... or something.... 

Now my "emo kid" had the look i was imagining

next: what i did WAS...
i added a microphone into my composition and "re-scribbled" my 
design onto another sheet of marker paper. (left)
i used yet another piece of marker paper by laying it on top and 
scribbling in what will be my "splash of white" (right)

i wanted the word "popularity" flow/explode out of his mouth; so guess what i did! 
I used marker paper!!!

Note: the reason I use marker paper: 
1. it's translucent like tracing paper
2. it's thick enough to build up your pencil lead so you can shade and stuff!
3. it's good for a lot of medians

smaller note: it helps if you use a light table

i brought all these elements and aspects, into photoshop and did a 
little tweaking/colour separating... it turned out something like this:

i wanted this "emo kid" to have an audience. i decided that a bunch of 
"scribbly people" along the bottom would look good, match the comp., 
and provide a "border" for emo kid to sit on. i 
1. drew some people
2. scanned them into photoshop
3. copied and pasted

it ended up looking like this


i made some photoshop magic and... 

NOTE: i also made the word Popularity wave out of emokid's mouth.

i still felt like my design was lacking...something... it felt empty and emotionless.
after a bunch of "playing around" with ideas...

... ... ...

i fell in love with ThisOne:

i know there's quite a bit of rambling in this blog so i'd like to say...
if you just looked at the pictures say...
thanks4lookingat thepictures

Please leave your comments and advice!
Thanks again!

Eric Kools