Monday, 30 January 2012


I've been aching to create some sort of a "stick man" design for a while now, and 
the word "TWIRL" seemed to speak to that ache.

I've Created a vector one colour screen print. 
Here are the simple-ish steps i took to create my desired look

First i drew up my "road map" paying attention to the spacing of the different elements.

I brought this sketch into Illustrator and drew over it with the pen tool. I found that, the 
solid movement lines, seemed a little too much like, physical objects, rather than 
"figurative expressions of movement" as they were, so I broke them up into dashed lines 
(by, broke them up, i mean i checked off the little box that makes illustrator do it for me)  

Note: I used the circle tool to create the shapes for the hands and the heads (command+c command+v)

I created some visual interest and sense of dimension by tripling up the the dashed lines, 
and creating some solid colour areas in the heads, hands, and top step of the slide.

The Final touch to the design was the was fulfilling each of the character's individual need 
for direction. I did this, in illustrator, by creating a small line with the pen tool. i then checked 
off that "dashed line checkbox", and changed the profile of the stroke from Uniform 
to Width Profile 4. When I was happy with the overall look of my small line segment...
I (command+c command+v)'d 

Here is an idea of what this design would look like on the t-shirt!

Thanks For Reading!
Eric Kools

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  1. Oh gosh XD This made me laugh. Awesome tee shirt concept!